VITALES® connects with Apple Health®

to send real time patient’s health data to his doctor

Thanks to VITALES®, an easy and secure system to share medical information, patients and doctors work together as partners in the healthcare process. Patients will track their health using iPhone, Apple Watch, the Health App, and HealthKit-enabled devices such as the Withings Bluetooth blood pressure cuff. VITALES® APP will send this medical data directly to the Electronic Health Record DriCloud

Communicate With No Limits.

Maximum Privacy

Discover! how we are transforming Healthcare.

Learn how VITALES® helps healthcare professionals to achieve maximum productivity in the delivery of healthcare


Public Health Program of DriCloud

VITALES®, the most powerful monitoring and follow-up system for patients’ care

You, as a patient, will always have the control to decide which medical data you want to share with your doctor. Your doctor can track your health and vitals from his medical center and make changes on your treatment if needed.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Patients with High Blood Pressure stay connected to a care team that monitors their health at home

Pulse Oximeter Remote Monitoring

Patients with Chronic Respiratory Failure are tracked by their doctor in case the oxygen saturation decrease


Blood Sugar Monitoring

Patients with Diabetes Mellitus need to monitor their blood sugar levels very strictly. Their doctor can follow up their patients controlling sugar levels from their medical office and adjust medications if needed


Continuous non-invasive monitoring of the skin temperature

Continuous non-invasive monitoring of the skin temperature helps doctors to manage febrile process easily


¡ More than 72 health parameters to monitor !

Sports medicine, reproductive health, fasting diets, weight, body mass index, lean mass, drug medications, vitamins supplements…

Mobility Program for Doctors and Clinics

Doctors can access medical records anytime, anywhere. TouchID access is secure and fast.

Professionals are able to deliver their best quality on healthcare

iPad DriCloud

Doctor’s Point Of View

Discover how your doctor views and controls your health from the Electronic Health Record DriCloud

Standard control rate for hypertension


Control rate for hypertension at 90 days after using HealthKit


Knowing that this technology has got me covered has brought me great peace of mind

Not only am I able to send health information to my doctor, I’m able to do things about it. That’s quite empowering

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